Villa del Sol Sweet Cherry Farms

Our policy is PICK, PAY then EAT!  We do not allow eating in the orchard.

We are a family owned, working orchard. We spend the entire year paying huge water bills, buying nutrients and fertilizer for the trees, pruning the trees and controlling weeds all so that we will have a great crop of cherries to sell for one month of the year.

We are happy to have you taste a cherry to see which ones you want to pick and purchase. But we will not allow eating in the orchard.

Thank you.
Villa del Sol
Sweet Cherry Farms


  The Cherry Picking Process at Villa del Sol

1. You arrive at the orchard
where we have lots of free parking.

2. You are greeted at the entry of the orchard by a staff member who explains how to pick the cherries—Do’s and Don’ts.

We want you to pick the cherries only - leave the stems and leaves on the trees.

If you want stems you can cut the stems with scissors. We do have some scissors for rent. We charge you $1 for “rent” of the scissors which we return to you when you bring the scissors back after picking. (We just don’t want people to forget to return the scissors!)

3. Each person is given a red bucket for picking and directed to the cherry trees with the prime cherries that are ready to be picked.

4. Cherry orchard personnel are available in the orchard to answer questions and to assist customers in picking if needed.

5. After you have picked all of the cherries you want, you come back to the sales area where we transfer your cherries to paper bags, weigh the cherries and send you to the cashier.

6. At the cashier’s station we also have local raw honey and water for sale. The cashier can take cash, credit or debit cards.

7. We have port-a-potties and hand washing stands for our customer’s convenience.



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